Saturday, January 18, 2014

In The End You Will Find Out Everything...

...In the end you may question your belief

Well the mad mad rush to procure items at Project Limited is on!  One VERY hot commodity are the items released by Death Row Designs...DRD is offering a mask, a headpiece, spiked knees, armbands and boots in two colors.  A fat pack is available and will save you some cash or you can pick and choose items (that is if there are any left.....seriously, you better hurry!)  I have no clue why, but to me they just had to be paired with a bit of blood and a nice innocent looking school girl uniform and then photographed in the demented little basement located below the DRD mainstore.


Death Row Designs - metal mask, spiked knee, and armbands - all at Project Limited.  Again, seriously hurry!
Cain Black/White Scotland Schoolgirl Uniform
Gos Triumph Boot Fem Black

Mystic Canvass Rocky Skin High A-cup (no longer available)
Mystic Canvass Cyber Shadow Abyss
Mystic Canvass Cyber Liner Thick
SU! Gartered Legs
Corvus Body Bruises
LoQ Hair Stout Black
!dM Lamina NagaEyes Gold (obtained in the Fantasy Carnival longer available)

Nani Bare 3
Bounce This Poses Kneeling 2
Katink Polly Set 1-3
Illusions Poses Dana Standing 8

All pics taken below the DRD main store on Death Row Island

Title lyrics taken from Disturbed "Asylum"

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