Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Try And Enjoy The Here And Now...

...The future will take care of itself somehow
The grass is never greener over there...

Are you ready for another round of Sneak Peek?  If you haven't heard of Sneak Peek yet, it's a monthly event put on by Penumbra that showcases SL's up and coming fashions, giving you a taste of the trends to come!  December's event will be opening tomorrow (25 December) and will run through 5 January.  This month's lineup is completely stunning so after you recover from you Christmas food coma head on over and shop 'til your heart's content!

The first item from Sneak Peek I'm going to show you is this amazing outfit by Petit Chat.  With a skirt, boots, tie (not shown) and jacket, this ensemble is a beautiful work of art...lovely texturing, amazing colors, and a beautiful fit this is an outfit not to be missed.  With the range of colors, the blending throughout and the beautiful work on the back, this piece is a wearable work of art!

The inworld Petit Chat store can be found here and while you're there, take a stroll around, visit the garden and make sure you don't miss the Art Gallery


*PC* Antigravity Outfit (available at this month's round of Sneak Peak)
*LODE* Headwear Black Pitch
:Fusion: Silver Multi Earrings
DRD Cybermask


[Mystic Canvass] Aharm Chalk Skin 
VerseEye Nightfall Ecstacy Mesh Eyes
MINA Ashton Black
..::Nokturnal Ink::.. Infection Upper Thigh Scratches
>>AR<< Mix & Match Wounds Lycan Mark


Nantra Defying Gravity 8
Nantra Requiem 2
Nantra Flower Child 1


All pics taken in the Bladerunner City sims.

*Title lryics taken from "Life In One Day" by Howard Jones

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