Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is There Anybody Listening...

...Is there anyone that sees what's going on?
Read between the lines,
Criticize the words they're selling
Think for yourself and feel the walls
Become sand beneath your feet

It's time for some more Sneak Peek!!!  Running from 25 December through 5 January, this event is put on by Penumbra to showcase new fashion trends from designers across the grid.  You want to know what styles are happening?  Sneak Peek is the place to go!

Showcased here is a funky little outfit from HOLY SHIrT, a pants/bustier combo with a collar (not shown) that comes in black, tie dye, and gold (shown here).  The high waist pants feature flared bottoms and a lovely chain belt that can go from casual to dressy in an instant.  It comes in all the standard sizes and shows of some insane curves.  Get over there, grab the outfit and get your funk on!  I know you have it in ya!


HOLY SHIrT! Flares And Bustier Gold (available at this month's round of Sneak Peek)
Eudora 3D Corsair Necklace Blue/Gold
:Fusion: Multi Earrings
Gizza Asia Watch & Bracelet
:Little Pricks: My Dark Passenger


[Mystic Canvass] Dedra Peachy A-cup Blue Lip
VerseEye Rhapsody Flame Mesh Eyes
Truth Holly Blondes
Zibska Batilde Eyeshadow Indigo
Corvus Cheek Scars


PosESion Carisma 2
PosESion Imagine 10


All pics taken in the R3volt sim.

*Title lyrics taken from "Anybody Listening" by Queensryche

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