Saturday, November 8, 2014

Welcome To The Greatest Show...

...Greatest show on Earth
You've never seen before
Hear the fairy tale unfold...

BCreative over at Dark Passions has been working her butt off over the past few months, cranking out amazing nails and clothes for event after event after event.  I swear the girl just never slows down!  Her amazing items are always highly anticipated and in demand and as this month's items show, the girl just never disappoints!  So far (and remember it's still the beginning of the month so she very well may pop up in other places) she has goodies over at The Pier Market (items are 20% off), the WEIB Special Sale Room (also 20% off at this event), and the Cirque De Seraphim event; she's taking the grid by storm!

Shown here are the Victorian Laced Micro-shorts and Victorian Ringmistress top, both are also available in red and can be found up on the third level at Cirque De Seraphim!  This stunning little number shows off just enough skin in just the right places to bring out the sexy-circus in anyone!  Paired with it are the Klotchyn Klaws from the WEIB Special Sale Room.  You can also find there a Green & Purple version of this set of nails, grab them both at 20% off!

Dark Passions applier HUD


Dark Passions Victorian Laced Micro Shorts - Black (available at the Cirque De Seraphim event)
Dark Passions Victorian Ringmistress Black
Autopsy Garter Belt Black with Spike Silver
CPD Lucretia Signet Ring
HPB Top Hat Ringmaster Grey
ISD Aegis Rings - Zircon
Reign Monroe Boots
Fusion Silver multi earrings


Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Klotchyn Klaws Red & Pink (available at the WEIB Special Sale Room for 20% off!)
VerseEye Nightfall Bella
Mystic Canvass Angie Peachy A-cup with appliers
AITUI Etched Hair Base Monumentum Black
RA Luan Hair


Nantra Candygram1
Nantra Betta Recognize 4


All pics taken in the DDU Sanhedralite - The Forest sim.

*Title lyrics from "Welcome" by Christina Aguilera

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