Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fields Of Sensation...

...A cry in the dark
Hope is on the horizon
With a reason to stay
And living for a brand new day...

The XY Room is still open and you have plenty of time to get over there and grab all the goodies before it ends on 20 November.  A huge group of some of SL's best designers, all in one place, all offering up their lovelies at screaming-cheap prices?  It's a win!  Shown here is an adorable little outfit from Lakshmi, the tanks and skirts come in a few different colors and are sold separately for your mixing and matching pleasure!  They come in the standard mesh sizes and all look adorable together no matter which color combination you come up with!

Dark Passions applier HUD


[Lakshmi] Skirt - Nelly Tartan Brown (from this month's round of the XY Room)
[Lakshmi] Top - Fara Knit Tank Sepia (from this month's round of the XY Room)
Fall From Grace Belly Piercing Impailed Heart Onyx
Dark Wing Milani V2 No Heel High Platform


VerseEye Mist Brown
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Shades of Yellow Gradient
Exile Stone Cold Seduction
no. 7 Lipstick - Shades of Grey
Letis Tattoo Eltanin with appliers


PosESion Lirio 6
PosESion Wicked 5

All pics taken in the Town By Cica Ghost sim.

*Title Lyrics taken from "The War Is Over" by Sarah Brightman

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