Saturday, September 13, 2014

Je n'ai plus rien...

...Je deviens folle
    Je m'abandonne 

The new round of The Thrift Shop is up and running and will continue through 1 October.  So many designers, so many amazing items, such amazing prices!!!  Dark Passions - Koffin Nails and DeadPool are both there with some truly lovely items...shown here is one of the dresses from DeadPool, the Juan Dalinz Dress Skully Black.  And it's 50L!  Yes I said 50L!!!  They have quite an assortment of this style of dress so there are plenty of patterns to choose from.  Guennie blogged another lovely version and you can find that here.  She looks beautiful!  But then hell, she always looks amazing, I'm in awe of that chick!  They also have some heart stopping men's shirts for only 50L each....hopefully I'll be showing you one of those soon!

Ok so as we've mentioned before the Nail Goddess over at Dark Passions - Koffin Nails has been frightfully busy as of late...that woman has beautiful nails all over the grid!  The amazing set here, Cemetery Nightlight, can be found over at the WEIB Sale Room at a discounted price!  Her nails can also currently be found at The Pier Market, My Slink Obsession, and The 24 Square (these nails are limited editions so only a few of each will be it's now or never!)  AND....if that weren't enough, there are currently two items at her mainstore at a screaming cheap price as hunt items!  One is for the Red Queen's Card Hunt (ending on 17 October) and one is for the Zombie Apocalypse Hunt (running 14 September - 7 October).  Both hunt prizes are completely amazing but that Zombie prize?  Ya, that one totally made me squeeee!  She keeps saying she's going to take a break, catch her breath since she's been so frightfully busy lately....but Halloween is coming!  I think she's going to crank up her creative genius and drop some more amazing nails on us in the next few weeks....I don't think she'll be able to stop herself!

ll.DeadPool.ll Juan Dalinz Dress Skully Black (available at The Thrift Shop)
.DirtyStories. Skeleton Heels
.::Pixel Box Design Emporium::. Necklace Magic Secret Metal Style

Dark Passion - Koffin Nails Cemetery Nightlight Nails (available at the WEIB Special Sale Room for 20% off!)
VerseEye Albino - Blue Mesh Eyes
[Mystic Canvass] Angie Skin Peachy With Appliers
Exile Dancing On My Own
[Mystic Canvass] Cyber Liner & Shadows 16

PosESion Morte 5
DM Tightrope Variant
..::Vibe::.. Its Just A Wall 03

All pics taken at Hazardous

*Title lyrics taken from "Mea Culpa" by Enigma

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