Friday, August 1, 2014

And Loud The Drunken Cheer...

...of pirates on the waves
sending them to ocean graves...

The Aloha Fair is on and runs through 11 August and Dark Passions - Koffin Nails is taking the event by storm!  There are some LOVELY bathing suits featuring designs I haven't seen anywhere else in SL....truly original, some beautiful beach nails, a 1L gift nail set (yes.....1L!!!!!) and some pirate nails as shown here!  And by the way........20% off people!  Get them now!

So.....pirates!  Omg when I got the nails I was so excited, I love me some pirate stuff!!!  I once showed up 8 hours early to the opening of the second "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie just so that I could get the exact seat I wanted to enjoy all the piratey goodness.  Oh yes I did!  So, after getting these nails I had to go all out.  I grabbed my friend Ally to help with this (that girl is I kind of bought her at an auction so it's not like she really had a choice *giggles*) and as our pirate play started it quickly became apparent that she could out-pirate me at every turn......arggg!

I thought I could take her in a duel.....I was woefully wrong!

I was quickly relieved of my weapon...Ally takes no prisoners!

See that?  She's hiding a giggle after feeding me to her giant mutant squid beastie!



Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Pirate Pride (5 designs, available for 20% off at the Aloha Fair)
Izzie Katya Skin
Deviant Designs Liquid Eyes (Emerald)
Damned Cateyes Makeup
*BC* Eyelashes
CaTwA Katniss
[trs] Wrist Tattoo Ankh


Hebenon Vial Liquid Silver Piercing
Dafne Boutique Rachel Outfit



Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Jolly Roger Nails (12 designs, available at the Aloha Fair)
[Mystic Canvass] Angie Peachy Skin With Appliers
VerseEye FTH (available on the Fairy Tale Hunt through 31 August)
Songbird Eye Gouged
Wasabi Pills Barbara Chocolate
Ghurab Black Vulo Wound Sword Belly


Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Alvira Frock Coat Blue
Zero Morrison Leathers Black (with HUD and shoe option)
jpk Bad To The Bone Belt
OtC Crossed Patch
Grimm Bros. Talk Like A Pirate Buddy

Pics taken in the Dark Fortress sims

*Title lyrics taken from "The Gruesome Death Of Edward Teach" By Scissorfight


  1. OMG! That's us?! We look awesome! Great shots girlie and I totally kicked yer butt :P you are just as fierce if not more than I! This is beautiful :-) thank you again for letting me do this with you...and buying me as your date ;) hehehe

  2. Thank you!!! I'm so glad you like it!!! You're amazing Girlie! <3