Friday, July 11, 2014

When I Look Back Upon My Life...'s always with a sense of shame
I've always been the one to blame...

Oh goodness but the Dark Passions - Koffin Nails store is involved in some serious shopping happiness right now!  First, there are some truly amazing nails over at the Rhapsody event (it closes on 12 July but should be in the inworld store after the event), The Pier Market: Hello Sailor (running 11 July - 1 August) and then there are some more musical themed nails for the OMGacha event that is currently running through 15 July.  Shown here are the Piano Picnic Nails in grey which are one of the common prizes available in the machine but one of my faves.  I had already picked up the Alaric Mens Coat from the inworld store (there's a 50% off sale right now running until the end of the month) and when the two came together in my head it was pure heaven!  All those lovely 80's synthesizer bands with the pretty boys in their pretty suits began swirling around in my mind....Duran Duran...Pet Shop Boys.....Spandau Ballet....Flock Of many of them......*swoons*!  I loved those boys in their suits!  Maybe that's why, to this day, a nice suit will always set my heart fluttering!  So anyway, I had to go for a boy suit/synthesizer/80's pop vibe type thing for this post!!!

DeadPool Fashion is also all over the grid offering up tons of lovelies for your shopping pleasure!  The Fresh Style Passion4Fashion is a bi-weekly event running from 9 July to 20 July, the OMGacha event, and others both current and upcoming!  Shown here is the Gas Mask Ring available at Fresh Style Passion4Fashion!

Last, and certainly not least, VerseEye  is settling into their new location and have a lovely new set of eyes that hit the market in the Serenade line.  Shown here are the Aqua eyes, a vibrant aqua color with multicolored undertones throughout which create an amazing look.  They come in various mesh sizes as well as the standard SL eyes so getting the proper fit/look is completely effortless.  And don't forget there's a gacha at the store with some truly lovely eyes to win!

VerseEye Serenade Mesh Eyes - Aqua
Mystic Canvass Angie Peachy Skin With Appliers
Mystic Canvass Pouty Gloss - Blood Red
Magika Road
Koffin Nails / Dark Passions Piano Picnic Nails from the OMGacah event

Dark Passions Alaric Mens Coat - Black
DeadPool Gas Mask Ring Copper at Fresh Style Passion4Fashion
DarkWare Mystic Skull Ring (no longer available)
Reign Asphyxia Heels Onyx
Sugar Mesh City Baggy Chained Jeans Music Dark Blue

Apple Spice Rockstar 001
PosESion Nails 3
PosESion Nails II 4

Pics taken in the Tochigi Japan Cybercity sim

*Title lyrics taken from "It's A Sin" by The Pet Shop Boys

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