Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Into This House We're Born...

...into this world we're thrown...

Rei at Zero has recently released two new items on the Marketplace that you don't want to miss....first up is the Basic Tank that comes with three colors all in one pack...white, black, and massacre...and all come with Lola, Phat Azz, and Cute Azz appliers for easy customization to your avi's shape.  Also new from Zero are two styles of Morrison Leather pants for men, one in black and one in brown, both with boots.  The pants feature amazing leather texturing as well as HUDs for changing the look of the belts and the boots.  For even more personalization there is an option to wear the pants with your own favorite boots to suit your style.  

Zero Basic Tanks Massacre
Zero Morrison Leathers Brown with texture HUD for belt and boots
DK Armed Explosion Belt


Mystic Canvass Lee Skin A-cup Deep
Mystic Canvass Cyber Liner & Shadows Thick Galaxy Shadow
Corvus Body Bruises
PF Ink Lipstick/Lipgloss
DeeTaleZ Hair Shaved Tattoo Dragon
Miss C. Catch Black (available at this weeks fi*Friday)
Xia's Boutique Dark Eyes Monos

Focus Poses Gun Poses
Frozen Pistol Poses
*FN* Bernadette Pose

All pics taken in the Badwater sim....I ended up here looking for an urban setting to go with my attached weapons.  This sim did not disappoint!  It was urban and dirty and everything I was looking for.  As is my practice when entering an RP sim I try to stay away from people and get in and get out without disrupting any of the locals, I certainly don't want to interrupt any RP just so I can get a couple shots!  However, my presence was quickly discovered and it led to a nice chat with one of the sim moderators who, when asked what I could write about the sim, provided me with some statements from the inhabitants.  So, rather than my trying to describe the location, I'll let the residents speak for themselves (with some editing for length, hopefully they will forgive me for that :P  ):

I.F.: "It's a place where the wrong come together and make things right...rapists, saints, maniacs, and angels...when put together they create mayhem.  Badwater is a dark place, but it has light.  It's a place where dreams are broken and made to come true.  You'll find bikers and babes...gangs run the streets, and the police are quick to give you a cuff.  For many, it's home."

A.: "The people that reside in Badwater are family.  Sometimes, even in the bad, there is good.  Badwater is all those things.

C.: "Sometimes getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.  Badwater is my breath of fresh air."

C.F.: "Badwater is [where] a person can find love and the people ya love kill ya."

R.B.: "Badwater is roleplay."

K.V.D.: "...the people who enjoy it's streets, it's opportunities, it's darkness and it's light will always, no matter where or when, have fond memories to take on their journeys."

C.: "The monsters of Badwater were the best friends I've ever had."

C.F.: "I'm no monster I sell ice cream."

*Title lyrics taken from "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors


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