Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tears tremble on cobalt lashes...

Since it's almost the New Year (well in a couple hours anyway) I thought I'd make my last blog post of the year one with a bit of powerful symbolism...you know....good luck and superstition and all that.  First up I'm showing a new skin by Mystic Canvass that will be available in the upcoming OMGacha event.  Lara gives us the Hera skin that comes in three tones each with two different makeup schemes.  Seriously, you need this...the makeup, detail, omg just go get it!  Hera, by the way, was the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology, and one powerful chick.  Next up we have a new jacket by Zero called the Marla Raven Feather Jacket and in Greek Mythology Ravens were believed to be symbols of good luck and were the God's messengers in the mortal world.


[Mystic Canvass] Hera Skin Pale A-cup Pink
Death Row Designs Stitches Heart (may no longer be available)
.Ploom. Bed Head - Indecisive
Repulse Sinner Stomach Wound


[ZerO] Marla Raven Feather Jacket
Death Row Designs Chain Necklace
Redgrave Heavy Used Jeans


All photos taken in the Tableu sim.

*Title quote taken from The Plight Of Hera by AmandaFH

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