Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A DeadPool Christmas

Christmas is almost here and DeadPool has some fantastic free gifties under their tree for everyone to snatch up!  The DeadPool sim is....let's face it.....damn amazing! Plus, nestled in that sim (if you brave the flesh hungry zombies....they don't bite that hard, I promise) is DeadPool Fashion containing all kinds of lovelies.  The first gift I opened turned out to be the Bloody Monster Jeans and I've been wearing them ever since, paired with some of my faves from ^v^DBRC^v^ and [Mystic Canvass]!

Jeans:  DeadPool - Deathrow Jeans Bloody Monster (found in a Christmas tree box for free)
Top: ^v^DRBC^v^ - Slave Top
Shoes: {VRD} - Halloween Havoc Shoes with HUD (these are a limited edition Halloween item, at last visit there were only 24 left!!!)

Skin: [Mystic Canvass]- Vicki Skin A-Cup Smoke
Makeup: [Mystic Canvass] - Cyber Liner Thick - Green Shadow and also Graffiti Gloss set 1- Green Red
Tattoo: ::ED:: - "Accident Prone" bruised body tattoo UNISEX
Tattoo: .:CoLLisions:. - Cast No Shadow Tattoo ~ Unisex
Hair: .ploom. - Twilla - Incecisive
Lashes: Koketka - *Eyelashes v.8*

Bracelet: :*:CPD:*: - Belle Morte Set - Charm Bracelet


  1. And so it begins, the blood and the beauty, the gore and the glam. Let's sully up the grid with our dark dementia. Let's leave behind the photoshop and mesh boobies and show the virtual world what we post back and forth to each other every day.
    *shoves Dante out front*
    Ok you first.. I will be along eventually Wifey dear.

  2. We got this!

    You'd shove me first into a zombie too wouldn't you ya evil witch? :P

    Very excited to see how this whole thing plays out! This wouldn't have happened if not for you and all your help and encouragement you know *pounces Guennie*